Which internet dating website is the best to use so that I can find my Mr. Right?

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I joined quite a few internet dating websites looking for Mr. Right including EHarmony, Zoosk, Are You Interested, Plenty Of Fish, and a few Christian and Cowboy-Cowgirl sites. Most you have to pay for, some you’ll get nothing but spam from and only one was actually worth paying for and guess what? It’s free!

On the Christian and Cowboy sites I got way too much spam mail and very few locals. It’s hard to say what was worse--getting requests from men in foreign countries who want an all-expense paid trip to the US or the sites with relatively few local men on them. I don’t really want to date someone living three states over. I’d like to find men near me that I can actually go on a real date with. I’m not into emailing someone for months and months just to find out that they have been misrepresenting themselves and are not at all who they said they are. For me, long-distance relationships don’t work.

Zoosk says it’s a free internet dating website but you can only put your profile on the site for free. The only way to actually meet someone is if you upgrade and pay for their membership fee. EHarmony takes hours to get through the questionnaire process and after you do if you don’t subscribe for an astronomical amount of money you don’t get to do anything or see anyone. I don’t mind paying for an internet dating website but I want to know it’s got a lot of local men to choose from and for me, these sites just didn’t seem cost-effective.

The Facebook dating site called Are You Interested is ridiculous. I get men from across the US requesting a response from me over and over and over even after I said definitely no. If the site can’t manage unwanted mail, let you choose your date type or even the location of your possible dates, then it isn’t worth having out there.

I joined POF with a lot of trepidation. I had my doubts because it was advertised as “free” and free had never really meant free before, not to mention my overall frustration with internet dating websites. I am happy to say, I believe it to be the best internet dating website out there right now. One, it is truly free. No hidden fees or catches. No cost plain and simple. And two, I found more local men on this site than any other I have ever been on. And I have had none of the usual requests from men in foreign countries. Everyone has been real to date. And the best part, I think I found my special someone!

Remember ladies, above all be safe! Set up a separate email account for your “personals” and create a pseudo name for your profile. I have one so that I can’t be found on the internet with my real name. If your name is used for advertising or marketing such as in real estate, insurance, etc., you are completely vulnerable to someone looking to harm women via the internet. Use a fake name and later on when you feel comfortable with the person you are speaking to, tell them your real name.

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