What are tips for staying connected while apart?

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There are many reasons for online dating... maybe you met your partner in a chat room, maybe your significant other had to move for a job, or maybe school has put miles between you and your love. Whatever the reason you have for online dating, there is one problem that every long-distance couple experiences: Staying connected while apart.

There are hundreds of social networking sites, voice communication sites, and instant messaging services that make keeping in touch simple. But not one of these communication tools fills the longing for true intimacy - which is the most difficult part of online dating. The trick to getting around intimacy issues is to be as intimate as possible using the resources you have.

Webcams are a favorite among long-distance couples. Skype and ooVoo are popular voice communication sites that allow their users to interact using their computers or phones. Both Skype and ooVoo are easy to install and free to use - leaving you little hassle as you rush to see your missing partner. Video calls allow you to see and hear the one you miss. Eat a meal with your loved one, show off your new haircut or even watch a movie together. Webcams are great tools for communication during the times you find yourself missing that special someone.

Many social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace now feature instant messaging substitutes for their standard messaging services. Instant messaging is very convenient for the moments both you and your loved one are online. Instant messaging saves much time with quick replies - it's faster than email and text, and a lot simpler to use. Not to mention the convenience of the social networking site so you can keep up easily with everything going on with your partner.

Often times while you find yourself feeling lonely, a quick phone call can make a big difference between feeling abandoned and feeling close to your love again. Hearing a lover's voice can almost be as comforting as feeling their embrace. Sometimes with all of the text and email, it is hard to remember that your loved one is really alive - having a real conversation reassures you that you're not alone and that your special someone is there, waiting for you just as you are waiting for them.

No matter what your situation, no matter how often you have dates using your webcams, no matter how many phone calls, late night texts or good morning emails, staying connected while apart is never easy. You will always crave a simple touch and the sweet smell and warm embrace of the one you long for. So Skype, Facebook, text, and call often. Remember that this is temporary and you will one day be reunited with the one you long for. And when you feel like you can't go on any longer because the going gets tough and the distance seems more than you can handle, remember that patience, above anything, is key for a successful long-distance relationship.

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