How do you Make the Best First Impression while Internet Dating?

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Before the wonderful days of social media, single men and women would spend hours putting together their best outfit, find the perfect pair of shoes to match, and make sure their hair and/or makeup were perfect in order to create the best first impression physically — and in-person. In our new age of technology, the new way for singles to hook-up is done through dating websites and apps. From your paid ones (think or the free (like Plenty of Fish) there are infinite ways to meet people who you might think are on the same page as you, whether you're looking for a casual sexual encounter or a life-long partner. I've been told from loads of singles and people in relationships that the men on these sites are strictly looking for someone to share their bed with, and from my experience, you can actually pick them out if you pay attention. So how do you make the best first impression though pictures and words that conveys what you're looking for? Throughout my quest to find a mate, I came across a TON of don'ts and very few dos. I swipe left more than right (I've gotten a "Most Picky" award on a dating site before to prove it!) and I'll tell you why in two paragraphs:

1. Profile PicturesIf you're looking for someone to share your bed for a night or many nights, then sure, use a picture of your naked chest or naked ass as your profile picture. Most people who are looking for something of substance will automatically question the type of attention you're looking to seek if the first thing they see on you are your nipples. Save the skin for your bedroom...or hotel, or restaurant bathroom if you're frisky. And no, I don't want to see a picture of your dog, your child, or your mother. I want to see you, smiling or not, definitely not flexing your muscles (because that's just...ew), or some cool quote that may make you seem more interesting. Just your face, please.

2. Bio

Guys, please fill out the bio part. It's there for a reason. Most people like to read about the person behind the profile picture. Roping them in with your straight, white teeth and dimples are only half of the battle. I'd like to actually know if you can write a complete sentence without using text language and emojis. Of course, your bio doesn't have to be a full three-part monologue, starting from your childhood to talking about how your prom date hooked up with the next guy, but give us a little more than "Ask and I'll tell you". Bye. We don't want to know anymore.

Of course, you never know who's behind a profile, and the most well-versed, beautiful person on the surface may be a nightmare in person, but if you're like me and you're just trying to find someone normal who tickles your fancy and intellectually stimulates you, make sure you're sending THEM the right message. You'd hate to block your potential soul mate from reaching you if they think you're just DTF.

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