How do you create an internet dating profile that is right for YOU?

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You have stepped into the future and created an internet dating profile. You have either received a lot of email from prospective suitors, or you have not received many at all. How do you maximize your appeal, while remaining true to yourself?

First, you start by simply being yourself. Tailor your internet dating profile to reflect who you are and what you believe. Include your likes, dislikes, even some of your fears and hopes for the future. The more of yourself you put into it, the more a reader will be able to relate to.

If you have taken the time to read through some of the other profiles on your internet dating site, you will find a lot of examples. Some of them are wonderful. Some are ...well...not so wonderful. You will be able to determine which are destined to fail, and which ones are destined to find someone. You MUST be careful when reading other people's profiles, however. Be careful not to copy someone else's. You are not that person. Posting the same thing in your own profile will not give the reader a very good look at YOU.

While it's great to do your research, you must always maintain your individuality. The men/women on these sites read everything they can about someone they are interested in. Give them something interesting to read. Catch their attention.

I once created a profile as a joke on a free site. I was trying to see if the free site worked as well as some of the paid ones I had been a member of. I turned this profile into some sort of comedy skit. It was funny to read and piqued the interest of some pretty fine people. I received several emails from members telling me how much they enjoyed reading it. I learned something from that. A person does not have to be completely devoid of a sense of humor even if they are seriously "in the hunt" for a companion.

If you are a humorous person, put some humor in your profile. If you are a serious person who is all about business, put that in your profile. If you are a fun loving free spirit looking for a lifetime of moonlit walks and summer surfing, include that. Be sure to let your personality come through in what you write about.

DO NOT lie about anything in your profile in hopes that later you can convince the person reading it that you really CAN be all they wanted in the first place. Many people lie about their age, and more people than not, will lie about their weight. The truth will always come out in the end. Be up front from the beginning. You want someone who is interested in you, not the person you pretended to be.

Most importantly, don't make your profile the end all, be all, of your life. Post it and walk away from it. Live your life. If you sit at your computer and pounce on every email you receive with an immediate reply, you run the risk of appearing desperate. Take some time and evaluate the person based on what they chose to tell you about themselves.

Ahh, but that is a whole other topic.

Your own profile is what is important here in this topic. Once you have created what you believe to be the perfect profile, let a couple of close friends read it. Let them give you their opinions, but don't let them talk you into writing something because they "think" it will get you noticed. Make sure whatever you write, is about you. The "real" you. Be proud of who and what you are and you will attract others who will share your opinion.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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