How do I create an interesting and engaging online dating profile that will bring me the attention I want?

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Creating an online dating profile can be a bit of a block for many people interested in online dating. What can I say that will interest him or her? How do I say it? How do I get the right people to notice me? The simplest answer is to be yourself, be truthful, and be detailed!

If you aren't much of a writer, write your profile in Word for spell checking or have a friend read over it first. Essentially your profile is your first impression, so you want it to be stellar. Many potentials are turned off by a profile if it looks like you haven't put much time or effort into it. The added benefit of having a friend read over it is they can tell you the great things about you that have been left out! It's important to be yourself and who knows you better than your family and friends. By asking someone close to you, you can flesh out your online dating profile with much more information.

Of course you want your online dating profile to be entirely truthful. If it's not, you're starting a potential relationship with a lie. Remember, this is your first impression! Older pictures are also a bad idea. If you're worried because you've gained a little weight, don't! You want to impress a potential with who are and not who you were. Not to mention, putting up older pictures of yourself from when you were a few pounds lighter is only going to be misleading. They will see you eventually and know the picture is not accurate.

It's also important to include a lot of details in your online dating profile. Don't just say you enjoy to cook. Tell them what you've cooked recently, if you've won any awards, and how often you cook. Give detail! If you enjoy online gaming, tell what games and your achievements thus far. Giving the little details makes you more approachable and more human behind the screen. Put up more than just the typical head shot (though the head shot is important too!). Include some photos of you doing your favorite activities. All of these things will help bring you to life and keep a potential reading.

Of course, you also want to include what you are looking for, but this should be brief compared to your self description. It's important that the potential dates reading your online dating profile know who and what you are looking for. Be straightforward. If you are looking for long term, say so. If you are looking for short term, say so. People hate to have their time wasted with people who are not looking for the same thing.

Basically, just keep it simple. Be yourself, be straightforward, and include those little tidbits that make you interesting. You mostly just want to avoid sounding cookie cutter by listing generic adjectives that describe you. Try some of these ideas out and good luck in your online search for love!

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