Are There Really Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

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You've heard the old adage since you were a teen....everytime you came home broken hearted because the person you were crushing on decided to crush you by making it clear you were no longer or never were an item. Your mom would comfort you and say, "There's plenty of fish in the sea, honey." You believed her and went on to your next conquest, content with the fact that you'd hook another fish sooner or later.....and then......without're 40. Huh? How many more fish in the sea can there be? Is the supply running out? Have no fear, friend - there really ARE plenty of fish in the sea.

Markus Frind took his mom's advice seriously and built a website - Plenty of Fish. Conveniently abbreviated to It's a free dating site that allows you to view people's profiles, photos, hobbies, and much more. The site is kept free of membership fees through advertising on the site, but pop-ups don't seem to be an issue. Building a profile is quick and easy, and the site is user friendly. You have the option of being sent matches on a daily; weekly; or not at all basis, so that you can be as involved or non-chalant as you'd like.

As we get older, it seems that we put ourselves out there less and less. We get busy with work, keeping up with friends and commuting, finding ourselves going to the local watering hole less and less. If you think of a typical day in the life of a typical 40-something, there are not too many opportunities to find that good 'catch'. We commute to work, we work eight to ten hours, we commute back home, make dinner (or grab a quick bite) and stay home. Friends have moved on to marriages and family, so there are not too many opportunities to get out during the week. Besides, you're too tired.......a comfy bed and a good movie sound like a great idea.....why go anywhere else?

The weekend comes, and you're catching up with housework and running errands you should have run during the week but were too tired to do. You're a supportive friend, so you're at the (insert sport here) field/court to watch your friend's children try their best at their sport of choice. You most likely grab some lunch, but you're in the world of sport parents now.......most of these people come in pairs, and it seems like the single parents are just so frazzled with children that they aren't exactly looking for a date at said field/court. Bedtime comes early for these folk, so it's back home for a quiet night - just you, the TV/DVR and some pasta.'re really turning into a great cook - it would be nice if someone could appreciate that.

So, what's a girl to do? Where are all of those fish your mother was talking about? Apparently, they are on the web, and currently grouping themselves at The internet has become the meeting place for today's over 30 crowd. There really are plenty of fish in the sea - and they like the internet. I'm not saying Mr. Right will be there, but stranger things have happened........right?

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