Are online dating profiles truly accurate or are they simply bait to lure you in?

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Are online dating profiles truly accurate or are they simply bait to lure you in? That is a question that many "newbies" to the online dating world find themselves wondering. And consulting friends is definitely not the way to get the clear cut answers many seek. The truth is out there but it does need a bit of deciphering and an understanding of human nature.

Dating profiles are the barest glimpse into a person's likes, needs and wants. Some individuals tend to be a bit jaded and focus on what they do not want. Invariably this leads to problems down the road because a simple viewer comes away with a negative vibe. Other users may focus on aspects of their personality that do not always translate well into written form. A great example of this is humor. What is humorous spoken may not come across so eloquently written. But all that being dating profiles do tend to be just the briefest glimpse of a person and are in no way or mean a way to accurately judge a person's character.

Online dating is a risk. That is the summation in its purest form. You simply do not know what type of pool you are jumping into when you come across that creatively worded ad. Here is a hint: those creatively worded ads that seem to contain a lot of "buzz" words are probably written by the website professionals for a fee. That is not necessarily a horrible thing but it definitely does not lend any credency to the person simply because he or she picked out words that best suited them. This is dating...not psychology.

But wait! Dating, especially online dating, is a lot about psychology. The online dating profile has to draw a person in and make them take a closer look at the person. And unfortunately sometimes that is a hit or miss scenario that occurs quite often. A profile may state the individual loves long walks on the beach and reality may reflect that the person has never been to the beach. Frankly if that is the most deceptive the profile is a lucky day!

The truth is that online dating profiles are simply not always accurate because there is no way for them to be without becoming essays. It is a quick, brief glimpse at traits the website requires to be filled in order to be published. The best way to judge accuracy is to contact the person and take a chance. Yes, you are going to strike out numerous times and will become disillusioned a few times along the way as well. But, and it is a big but, there is someone out there who truly would be a good chance to take.

If all online profiles from dating sites were accurate no one would ever date again. That is how it works online and in the real world. It is just a presentation of the best traits each possess. The real secret is learning to decipher those ads and profiles. And the even bigger secret is knowing yourself. Chances are probably good that your online dating profile is not quite as an accurate reflection of yourself as it could be. You know that you are the best ambassador of yourself and so your profile reflects that. Others know that secret too!

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