Are Internet dating sites worth the money?

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It's Saturday night. You, a swinging single, live in the hip town of Anywhere, USA. The night is young and so are you, but what have we here?

Takeout? Check.

Netflix? Check.

Laptop that contains all of your Internet friends? Check.

Adult Beverage? A cool, refreshing check.

Snuggie? Come on. But... check.

Ten years ago, a night like this would sound so, like...lame. Tonight, it's bliss, save one important detail -- someone to snuggle in the snuggie with. Like a Rolodex, the mind flips through options. Him? Her? Nah. Been there. Did them.

The laptop, with its bright glowing screen beckons. In the corner of your email application sits a tempting, alluring ad for an Internet Dating Site.

You know, the one that requires a brief two hours of your time to take a long survey and $60 for the privilege of managing your dating profile. Or the one that is half as costly but is so popular that it seems like everyone and your grandma (really, your grandma is on there) has a profile. Then there are the stripped down, near plain text, free Internet Dating Sites, where it appears that anything goes but who cares, it's free!

Which option is better? Are Internet Dating Sites worth the money? Do you 'get what you pay for' with free sites? Should you pony up some cash and make room in the snuggie for a lover?

Short answer? No.

Long answer? Maybe.

Paid Internet Dating Sites make money because certain features are restricted - features that are required to make any moves on a Potential Snuggie Mate. They are also touted to be safer because members are required to pay before making contact above anything besides a wink. However, it is almost always free to register a profile. Sometimes this is all you need!

Dating is a game of chance and numbers. Many who venture into the world of Internet Dating cast their nets wide among free and paid sites alike. Say, for example, you meet a cutie at Paid Site A. Chances are quite high that the same photo and profile are posted at a free site as well. With some time and effort and a trigger search finger, it may be worth it to see if your dream guy or girl is as frugal as you are.

Sometimes, dating can be calculated, but this approach is logical and in the digital age, necessary. While many like the security of being hidden behind a paywall, everyone loves a good bargain and if you can avoid paying for access to something you can get for free, it's also business savvy.

In the event that you come across a Potential Snuggie Mate and a duplicate profile doesn't come to light, it may be worth your it to lighten your wallet-- and brighten up your Saturday night. You won't know until you try-- but before you try, make sure you don't have to pay.

In the end, it's up to you (and your wallet) what route you take. I find a combination of both packs the best punch and is, perhaps,the best of both worlds. Best of luck to you and your Snuggie on finding someone.

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