What are great flirting tips for women that will leave him smitten?

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If you are here, it's because you are a loser in love, or you at least need some tips to help you get past the first date. People assume all women are amazing at flirting but sadly, this isn't always the case. If you need some killer flirting tips for women, you've come to the right place. These tips are not like the standard "twirl your hair", they go above and beyond and will make him think you are the most amazing female to walk the planet (this might be a slight exaggeration, but he's definitely going to like you!)

Flirting tips for women

There are three basic steps to flirtation in my opinion, it takes an equal amount of strategy and being yourself to perfect all three and get him hooked. Too many people follow flirting tips where they have to completely change their personality. While this might get you a guy for a night, it definitely isn't the right start for a healthy relationship.

1. Confidence - fake it til you make it

You DON'T have to be a skinny, blonde with perfect everything to catch his attention. You need to work what you have with confidence. You might not have a huge amount of confidence especially if have been unlucky with men in the past, so this will take a certain amount of acting on your part. Make eye contact, smile and generally use your body in your favor. Don't overdo any of these things however, you want to exhibit a natural confidence that will make him want to approach you. You will instantly look and feel more confidence if you stand up straight with your shoulders back.

2. Appearance - balance is key

In terms of your appearance when you are out and looking to flirt with guys, this largely depends on the situation. You don't want to be dressed in a short dress if you are at a cafe on a Monday in the afternoon. A dress might not even be your style at all. This goes back to what I said about "don't be someone you are not". If you are not his type, no amount of hair extensions of makeup is going to change that. Everyone is attracted to people of different looks, so just try and look good with the style you have. When making first expressions, make the most of your best features and cover the ones you don't like so well if this will help your confidence. This might include showing off your legs by wearing skinny jeans/a skirt.

3. Humor - he wants someone to laugh with

A guy does not want a woman he can't tease or somebody who takes themselves too seriously. Humor is SO important - both during the initial and later stages of a relationship. Don't be afraid to crack jokes, as long as this is natural to the way you are. He will have so much more fun with you if you are laughing all night than if you are trying to impress each other or going too in depth into each others lives.

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