Want to know how fun and exciting flirting leads to romance?

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Want to know how fun and exciting flirting leads to romance? Well let me tell you how. Men recognize and pay attention to confidence, teasing, eye contact, Smiling, and anything else that is considered flirting. In order to catch that man’s attention and keep it, you have to play the game. First, you must get his attention with the conversational eye contact. This is a good way to start communicating without using words. Once you engage in eye communication, it will give him a good reason to approach and strike a real conversation. Now that the door for conversation has been opened, you are heading in the right direction. When you are having a face to face conversation flirting is a must. Gentle subtle touches and body languages are now key factors because he is paying attention. I am also going to add if you have nice lips know he is looking and own it because you want him to look. Different situation dictate how each meeting is handled. For this article, we are going to use a club setting. He has approached and the body language is fears. Your flirting he’s flirting and the both of you are in your own cosmic universe. You have his undivided attention and you want to keep it. Now you have to bring out the big guns, smiling. Smiling is another effective way of gaining and keeping his eyes on you. For some reason, smiling is like kryptonite to men and it displays confidence. Now, everything is flowing and you can tell he is interested. News flash, Men love skin. He is paying close attention to your neck, legs, and feet amongst other things. If it is your neck he wants to smell it, kiss it, he wants the pleasure of getting closer to you. Another thing men love is feet. An beautiful well-kept feet are a must and knocks the ball right out of the park. Flirting is done by everyone to get the others person attention but I must tell you that these are only well played theories so this is just half the battle. You have to be very impressible and I cannot say it enough; confidence is a must. This just a road map that may lead you to find romance or the love of your life, but you have to play the game well. We seek to have a partner in our lives and look for that person that may complete us, but again we have to use well played techniques. You still have to have a few thing up your sleeve that have to be your own to help you get noticed and standout. Just remember that you have everything it takes to get what you want, but you have to add a twist with flirty, smiling, having fun, laughing and enjoying life. Always think about what your assets are make them standout. Know you are a quality woman aware of what she wants and how she is going to get it. With all that and a little more, fun and exciting flirting leads to romance. So now you can answer the question, Want to know how fun and exciting flirting leads to romance?

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