Flirting is fun why?

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We all flirt, in every aspect of our daily lives. It's true! Ok we'll maybe not 100% true, but 90% for sure!

Think about it like this, I walk down the street in the morning to catch my bus to work and I make eye contact in a way with a passer by that genuinely worries me that I may have looked at him so provocatively that he may just walk straight over and kiss me! It wouldn't be the first time, proving eye contact is Everything! I haven't even opened my mouth and a flirtation has been made, but not acted upon. So I continue down the road and when I reach my bus stop I sit a little too close to the very handsome man already waiting on the bench. I look in his direction, past him, to pretend I'm looking for our bus but the beauty of this move is that he automatically looks at me thinking I'm looking at him, because I'm not we don't make awkward eye contact and I've given him the chance to take a proper look at me as access whether he fancies me or not, enough to let me get on the bus first anyway...

It's these little gestures that I make throughout my day, letting men see into my soul just enough to be interested but not enough to understand what it holds. It's a game we play and one we greatly enjoy. I get on the bus, tap my oyster and look directly at the bus driver, more eye contact, and I smile...he is taking me to work after all! A small but perfect gesture, something that says "morning sunshine" is that cool husky voice I'm still rocking without letting it pass my lips.

As the day wears on you will notice you flirt with almost everyone you encounter, men and women alike - flirting is fun! A shocking prospect I know but flirting makes the world go round! As I get near work I grab a double espresso from the coffee shop near my office...a new guy is on the till, he's obviously nervous and being over polite to impatient London commuters, so I stay deeply into his eyes and order with a deliberate cheeky smirk on my face, he can't help but smile back, all the tension of his roll draining out of his shoulders as he beams "that's £1.90, please" at me, bless his cotton socks, that smile made my day!

And that's just it, I don't get a buzz from running round town being an outrageous flirt, I get a buzz from seeing the reactions of those I've flirted with. As I wake up my flirtations become more prominent, the people I speak to throughout the day on the phone get my "but if you're very good you may just get a kiss" voice when I need something from them, and I make endless nonchalant cups of tea for my handsome boss, leaning over a little too far as I place them delicately on his desk.

Flirting comes in a number of packages, small and large. It can be as simple as a flash of eye contact, brushing past someone with a linger, smiling at their joke when no one else does, being generous, but fun, being caring and attentive. First with people you know, flirt with those you don't know even more and you might get something you didn't expect. My advice is to have no expectations at all when it comes to flirting, flirting is fun, in fact, just lots of mascara.

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