What are some helpful dating tips for someone inexperienced with dating?

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As someone who has experience with dating and is in a serious relationship, I love to give young women (and men) helpful dating tips. I wish someone had told me some of these helpful dating tips before I started to date.

If you are someone who is dating around with various different people, if you just aren't feeling a connection with someone then move onto the next. There are some people that are with their significant other solely for the fact that they are afraid to be alone and want to have someone they can call a boyfriend or girlfriend because they are embarrassed to still be single. Also, if you are looking for a potential relationship and not a hookup, avoid apps like Tinder and focus more on websites such as eHarmony and Match.Something I also learned over my years of dating is that men love mysterious women. This doesn't mean to keep everything about your life a mystery and avoid letting him in, but to give him some details about you while leaving some other topics for another night. This gives you two something to talk about on your next date.

Another tip I can give you is that... this is the year 2016. If you are interested in a guy don't be afraid to approach him first. Many women miss out on some great guys because they think the guy should always make the first move. I have many guy friends who agreed that women making the first move was actually a huge turn on and showed confidence. While this one may be a no-brainer to some, it's best to not discuss your ex-lovers or ex-significant other, especially on the first couple of dates. The last thing a guy you're just beginning to date wants to picture is you and another man in bed. Men love a playful woman, don't be afraid to flirt or act silly with the man you are dating. Sit back, relax and laugh, nothing is sexier than a woman having a good time and letting loose.

The biggest piece of advice I've learned and will now share is that whether or not we want to believe it, men cannot read minds! How many times do we tell our man we're okay about a situation, he believes us and we get even more upset that he couldn't read our minds and realize we were not over the subject? I feel like lack of communication is a huge issue with dating these days. We don't want to express how we're feeling and want them to just know right off the bat. We are feeling one thing but communicating something completely different to them. This is someone who is your partner or potential partner, open up to them and let them helps satisfy your needs.

The right man will want to learn your likes, dislikes and won't tell you that he doesn't have time to talk about whatever is bothering you. He will make you feel comfortable and work through each situation with you, don't be afraid to put you first and don't settle for less than you deserve.

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