When do you call to set up another date after your first date?

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When do you call after your first date? There's no cut and dry answer to this, but it's not as complicated as you might think! It's only natural for you to want to spend more time with the guy/girl of your dating dreams. In fact, they might be contemplating this same question or reading this article as we speak. Before deciding who should call who, it's important to cover a few things and count our eggs.

Firstly, how did the date go? Did he/she love it? There's plenty of ways to find an answer to this question. If a sleepover was involved, chances are fairly high that the date was a success. If a more old-fashioned approach was taken and you ended the date at your/their doorstep with a kiss goodnight, once again it was a success.

Let's say things didn't end this way, however, and you split up after exiting the building where you had your date. While you were inside were you laughing and having a conversation that sustained itself and didn't need any awkward prodding? That's a good start. If the two of you were really enjoying yourselves your date might have gotten a little touchy. Maybe he/she started to lean on you, nudge you jokingly, or even put their arm around you. These are all very good signs, though not the only ones, that your date went well!

Since we've just discovered whether that your date was so-so or good (because chances are if the date was a disaster you wouldn't be asking this question) let's dig deeper! It's established that you both enjoyed yourselves on your first date. Now what do you do next? This is where the male and female psyche come into play. Generally, as a rule of thumb, if a man wants to see you again he will call you. Bear in mind, this is not always applicable to all men; some gents are more coy and shy than others.

For women, in most instances it is becoming of a man to call her and ask her on another date. By asking your date to accompany you on another night on the town you're conveying only the obvious, that you enjoyed their company. So in conclusion to if you should call, yes, by all means, call and arrange another get together! But when do you call?

The major issue here for most individuals contemplating when to call after your first date is precisely when to make the phone call. Your blood pressure rises. You start to sweat. You can't stop your fidgeting around. Well, relax. Take a moment to have a nice deep breath and calm your thoughts. There's no need to be nervous. You've already established that the two of you had a blast on your first date and that you want to make the move to arrange another, and more than likely your date does too.

The answer as to when you should call is a matter of preference, really. Generally, one day would be ample waiting time. As time moves on to two days, three days, or four days, you may have started to worry your date, who now thinks that you are uninterested and has started seeing someone else. Allowing for one day to pass will let your prince/princess charming replay the date over in their head, reflect on the amazing time they had with amazing you, and certainly leave them checking their cell phone for a voicemail from you asking them on another nightly adventure.

Now let's review! You and your date had an terrific first date, otherwise you wouldn't be concerned with calling them back. Now who calls who? If you noticed your male counterpart was a little shy at first, you might want to think about calling him. Gentlemen, its only polite for you to ask your female friend to accompany you out once again. And finally, when do you call? Allowing one day to pass is enough time. Remember, this is a generality that usually works, but all instances are different!

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