What is the best teenage dating advice?

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You're in math class (everything scary always seems to happen in math class) and there's /that/ girl. You know.

The girl with the brown hair that gets that smooth, flowing shine when she sits by the window. The girl that seems to have a flawless smile, no matter how lopsided or crooked her teeth could be. Your view of her is.. well to be honest your view of her is absolutely ridiculous. Girls aren't perfect, and ladies, guys aren't perfect either - let's get that straight before we start talking about getting to know each other, let alone dating each other.

So here we go - some simple teenage dating advice to keep in mind when you've got blood rushing to abnormal parts of your body and you don't know what to do with your salivating mouth. Like we said before, step one is to:

Get Real.

That girl is most likely not going to be the girl you will be with forever, let's be honest with ourselves. And even if you do buck up the courage to go ask her for coffee, or froyo, or whatever other place teenagers hang out, there's a good chance she is going to be much more complex, intriguing, and frustrating than you ever imagined someone so perfect could be. Ladies, the same goes for you. That guy with the perfect pectorals and the arms that make you swoon is not who he looks like. I mean he might be, but the chances are slim that that's all he is, and if you think that's all he ever will be then you need to reality check yourself for who you're looking for.

Which brings us to a lovely tip number 2:

Keep an open mind.

Yes, I just mentioned how frustrating your dream girl is going to be, but that doesn't mean quit on her until you find yourself your /real/ dream girl. No, that's just plain stupid. When you're meeting someone for the first time, strip away all of those imagined fantasies of getting married and her cooking your dinner and just learn about who the person is, not about what part of them is what you want them to be. Like before, ladies, this is for you, too. Keep an open mind and an open heart to the person you want to chat it up with, and don't let your imaginings get in the way of who someone really is.

And finally, we get to the dating part. Tip number 3:

Be you.

Just like you don't want to tell someone who they are, you don't want to tell yourself who you are either. The best teenage dating advice is if you like playing Magic: The Gathering, then don't hide it (maybe don't bring it up on a first date, but certainly don't hide it). Walk up with the confidence that you know who you are, or you're at least not going to let someone else's perception of you destroy your own image of yourself. Ladies, it's okay to go up to a guy, the modern world has changed quite a bit and women can feel empowered to make their own decisions. So let you be yourself. Chances are if you keep an open mind, they will too. And if they don't, well, who needs 'em?

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