What is the best dating advice for teens?

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The best dating advice for teens is that its not that serious! People change

as they get older. The person you knew that was 16 is not the same person

that you see now they are 36. What is meant to be will be so don't

stress over what isn't. If you are not getting back what you are putting in the relationship then its not worth it. People are naturally selfish. Most people are only going

to do what makes them happy. If you are giving 110% and the other person is

only giving 5% then maybe you need to back off. People will use you for as

long as they can, and for as long as you let them.

Sex should be kept sacred. I know sex is a normal topic when your a teenager.

I know there is a lot of pressure to just do it already. Why not wait?

Why does everything have to be a rush? Most of the people I grew up with

now say they regret sex at such a young age.

Sex does not do anything but complicate things. When you ladies have

sex with these guys you are giving them a piece of you. That is a piece of

you that you will never get back. Do not just walk around and give it to

everyone. There is much more to life then sex.

If you are going to have sex anyway's you might as well use protection.

There are two really good reasons why you should always use protection.

The first really good reason to use protection is teenage pregnancy.

If you are not ready to be responsible for yourself and another human

being at all times then do not have a baby! Its simple USE PROTECTION!

Having a child is hard work, and your child needs to always have your best.

Most importantly, if you cannot provide for yourself how are you going to

provide for someone else?

The second really good reason to use protection is sexually

transmitted diseases. No one wants any type of infection or disease

growing inside of your most vulnerable parts. It is just horrible!

There is too many sexually transmitted diseases floating around in

these high schools. I know you have seen those horrible and nasty

pictures they show you during sex ed. No body wants those problems!

Do not ruin your life with one simple mistake. There

are way too many things that can happen now to just take chances.

Life is short. Live it, and have fun! Just remember that your future

is right around the corner. Everything that you do today will still

be there tomorrow.

The best dating advice for teens is dating violence is real!

Rape is real! It is not okay for someone to control you. It is not okay for

someone to try to make you to do things that you do not want to do. It is not

okay for someone to put their hands on you. They may say they are sorry, and

may seem to be sincere, but it does not make it okay. You do not have to put up

with it. If someone talks bad about you, or makes you feel like you aren't good

enough, then they do not deserve to be in your circle. The only person you have

to deal with when you go to sleep at night is yourself. Do not let anyone make

you feel bad about being you.

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