What Gets a Guy Interested in a girl?

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What exactly gets a guy interested in a girl? That question can be answered in several ways, considering different guys will have different likes and preferences. When a guy is interested in a girl, there is the aspect of physical attraction that you cannot overlook. However, looking pretty and all sexy is not going to be enough. Here's what can make a guy want to stick around: • Femininity

This is one of the greatest assets every woman should bring out. It works like a charm and naturally draws a man’s attention. This trait works for every man. Much as you want to be feminine, they still need you to have control over everything.

• Beauty They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and as much every man wants to be attracted before they can make another step. That “whaooo” every time they look at a girl contributes greatly to what a guy will look at. This is probably the very first thing that will draw a guy’s attention.

• Confidence

A confident girl portrays that she has herself figured out and is sure of herself. Men do not like it when a girl relies on them to be right about everything and this is not in reference to finances. A woman who stands tall is more attractive as compared to one that is timid.

• Fragrance

Smelling great is definitely a thumbs up. Invest in a good perfume or deodorant. It is better that you identify one that you like and can stick to. This will act as your signature. Men love that and will turn their head every time for girls wearing a great fragrance.

• Intelligence

Acting dumb is not attractive. All beauty and no brains will not do the trick in the long-term. This helps the both of you to carry a conversation together rather than having one person talk constantly. Men love a challenge and intelligent girls present just that.

• Self-reliance

Self-reliant women have control of their lives and are independent. They do not cling to a guy for help or act like they are desperate. While every man wants to take care of their girl, they are not looking to “baby sit” but rather make a girl's life better.

• Self-esteem

Men find women who know their self-worth attractive as they have a limit on how far they can go. They hold on to who they are and will not change just to fit in or gain popularity. Men love a woman who can take a stand and not one who will try to fit into every social-group.

While every guy interested in a girl will highlight different aspects of what they like about her, the above traits are common to most men. Physical appearance may get his head turning but you will need much more to keep him interested in you. Develop your own personality and be yourself. If a man cannot see the best of himself in a girl, it is not worth the chase. If you are trying to impress your guy, work on these traits.

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