What are the most important defining moments in a relationship?

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Whether you’ve just started dating or are contemplating moving in together, you have plenty to learn about defining moments in a relationship. This information won’t just help you identify the most important periods in the life of your union, it will give you a chance to live through them by reaping the most benefits. Armed with these tips you can relax and enjoy navigating through the important moments in relationships every person has to go through.

1.     The First Kiss

Oh, so much has been said about this special moment. Even if you’ve had a couple of first kisses before, each new one is absolutely different. Whether you have little experience or call yourself a kissing guru, the timing of the first kiss is imperative. Never rush it.

You have plenty of kisses ahead of you. So why not enjoy the time when you are just learning things about each other and savor the way you partner talks and smiles without having the physical stuff get in the way? The first kiss will come, and more will follow, but you’ll never get the same butterflies in your stomach as you did when all the contact you had was holding hands.

2. Moving in Together

If you are spending more than 4 nights a week at your partner’s place or your closet is already full of your significant other’s clothes, the time has come to move in together. The decision is one of the hardest to make since it seems very close to popping the question. That’s why you need to ask yourself if you are ready to deal with all the problems that come with it.

Moving in together has plenty of benefits but can be very stressful at first. You have to be sure that your relationship is strong enough to withstand it.

3. “I Love You”

Saying “I Love You” is one of those wonderful defining moments that we are always waiting for with a fluttering heart. But what if your partner stares blankly at you and says “thank you” instead of “I love you too”? All people have reservations about saying these important words because no one is completely sure that the partner will reciprocate.

Even if your heart is filled with tender feelings, don’t rush the words. Allow some time to pass in the relationship before saying “I love you”. Make sure that the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, these words can put an end to a budding union.

If you are on the receiving side and hearing “I love you” makes you cringe with fear, be smart about your reaction. If you are not ready to say these words just yet, say something loving and reassuring to your partner. Perhaps your love is just manifesting and you need some time to nurture it to a point when you’ll be ready to reply.

4. First Fight

Even if you’ve found your soulmate and it seems as if you are perfect for each other, the first fight is impossible to avoid. It can occur weeks or even months after the first date, but be sure, it will happen. Remember, people who love each other need to fight. A relationship without fights will soon end. If the partners don’t argue, one of them is holding something back.

Since the first fight is one of the unavoidable defining moments, be ready for it to happen. Try to make it as short as possible. Usually, partners fight over small stuff which is not really worth any tears. Try to be the first one to make up. The fight should be dealt with before the day ends. Going on for a week without speaking to each other will ruin the relationship.

5. Engagement

Getting engaged is the most important step toward a life-long relationship. It warrants plenty of thought and preparation. Once the words are spoken and the agreement is heard, you are on your way to a completely new stage of your relationship.

Before proposing a man must know exactly he wants. Some guys do it on a whim and then regret it. So if you feel like the time has come, give yourself a week to contemplate. If you don’t change your mind in a week, then you’ve made the right decision.

The situation with women is different. If the question comes as a surprise to you, never say “yes”. Give yourself some time to think and weigh the options. However, if you’ve already spent months or even years dreaming of this moment, nothing can stop you from screaming a happy “YES” as soon as he finishes asking the question.

Remember, that it doesn’t stop here, there are many more defining moments in a relationship that come after the marriage.

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