What are some ways to keep a long distance relationship interesting?

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Have you heard of Skype? If not I suggest you go and download it now! Long distance relationships are not easy, but they can be successfully accomplished. First and foremost in this type of situation, there has to be mutual trust for one another. Not being able to see your partner on a regular basis can cause the wonderful mind to wonder. If you completely trust your partner, you can truly enjoy anytime you might spend together.

Financially, if two people are able, the best advice is to travel and see each other as often as possible. But if you are in the same economy as the rest of us, that might not be the easiest to do. That's where the wonderful world of technology comes into play! Did you stop to download skype yet? Or maybe you already have it, which is awesome. This program is great for a long distance relationship because it's a video webcast live between two skype members and most importantly; it's FREE! The only thing you need for this program is a computer and internet service.What you and your partner do during this video chat is highly none of my business, but it's certainly a way to stay interested in each other.

Along with this program there are other options such as; emailing, letter writing, texting, social networking sites and talking on the phone. It's important to maintain communication on a regular basis no matter what method you use and attempt to build a solid foundation in the relationship. I would suggest contacting each other at least once a day with any of the methods previously mentioned. For couples that feel their relationship is headed for a serious long-term commitment, I would advise talking about the future as much as possible. And not only talk about the future, but make small steps to making the dream of laying in each others arms every night a reality.

Also, it is important to realize what type of commitment it takes for this type of relationship, it takes emotional stability to maintain any type of sanity. Some people just know they would not make a good partner in a long distance relationship and it's nothing wrong with that. If you know who you are, it will be easier to coexsist with someone else.

It seems with Internet dating being so popular, lots of couples no matter what age are finding themselves in a long distance relationship. A lot of websites and studies seem to suggest that statistically these types of relationships are doomed to fail from the beginning, and true enough there are a lot of odds against two people with little to no physical contact. But if two people are truly interested from the beginning then the sky is the limit to how far you can go!

Don't be afraid to think outside the box, ask questions, take initiative and be creative while dating long distance. Find out all things you have in common and utilize your time wisely. And most importantly keep communication flowing and just have fun!

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