How To Ask A Girl Out Without Getting Rejected?

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It’s funny but everyone seems to think that guys inherently know how to ask a girl out. We’re not programmed to automatically know how chicks work! We have to learn just like girls have to learn how to act on dates. Eventually both parties end up in synch. Those who don’t, end up single.

Who Teaches Us?

So how do guys learn how to ask a girl out and other things that have to do with dating? A lot of us are just going blindly in the dark. The smart ones buy books online, although they will never admit it. Guys are too macho to let anyone know that they had to read a book on how to date. But really, there is no shame in reading books on relationships and dating. Most times, reading various dating manuals helps us to not make huge blunders in real life dating scenarios. So what are some good books that teach guys how to ask a girl out?

Forget About the Pick Up Artist

Ok, I said books, not reality shows. The pick up artist is a scam. He plays stupid games, lies to women, and manipulates them. If you want maturity, then The Pick Up Artist is not a reliable source for how to date or for how to ask a girl out. Books by authors like David D’Angelo and John Gray (the author of Men are From Mars Women are From Venus) are excellent sources for how to ask a girl (or a woman) out. If you would rather not look “uncool” by reading a book on how to date, then follow these suggestions.

Just Be Honest

No matter what girl you want to ask out, you need to be in the right frame of mind before you approach a girl. That means you need to be confident in yourself. First of all, are you well-groomed, well-dressed and well-spoken? Girls (at least not high caliber girls) don’t like guys who are not well-groomed. They like guys who are neat and clean, well-put together, and who like themselves. Treating others with respect goes a long way with girls, so does sensitivity. If you like a girl, show her that you respect her first! That will win you 10 points! Then show her how sensitive you are to her feelings. That will score you another 75 points. Lastly, if you’re just honest with her, and say, “You know, I’ve always thought you were very pretty, would you like to go out Saturday night on a date with me?”

I know, a lot of guys are afraid of rejection, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. The best way is to just ask. Now here is something you should never say if you really like a girl. “I was wondering, would you like to go out some time?” Yikes! The “some time” part is what totally will blow it for you big time! Girls like guys who are decisive. When you ask her out, have the place in mind so that if she says “where were you thinking”, you’re not caught off guard.

Practice with some of your girl friends or your sister by asking them out. Rehearsal makes for great performance.

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