How do you know for sure when to sleep with him?

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Never kiss on a first date, that’s what they say right? But really, who do they think we are? Haven’t they seen the Riverdale revamp? Betty and Veronica aren’t concerned anymore about Archie asking them to the spring fling, they have better things to do. Not to mention that the advice itself has changed, no one’s saving themselves for marriage these days and now we’re telling women to never sleep with a guy on the first date. Long gone are the days of going steady, class rings and trying to play guys like they’re games. We have an ever growing list of convenient dating apps, and if we want to play games it’s easier to download angry birds than mess with a poor guys head. The world of dating has changed, and honestly thank goodness! But regardless of all our progress, inquiring minds want to know, you've matched on Tinder, you've picked a restaurant, the plans are made, but when to sleep with him? Do you go against common wisdom or is there some truth in what people have been saying since dating became a hobby for the human race?A quick look at Cosmo sex tips can make it pretty clear that mainstream advice is usually off the mark, I mean what are they even talking about when they tell you to “Lick the soft spot in front of his ears”? Dear reader, I’m writing this today to say I think it’s time to put those outdated magazines where they belong, the recycling bin. In a post-”never kiss on a first date” world, where does that leave us lonely hearts looking for love or maybe even just a bit of fun? I would hazard a guess that answering this question is why you're here, and you're in luck! So you've got that hot date lined up and you want to know if you can take this hunk home at the end of the night. I have some thoughts about when to sleep with him, and I'll promise you right now, there are no numbers involved (except maybe swapping cellphone digits).

It’s hard to be a woman who wants to have sex, despite what all those men’s rights fedora toters might say. We get a lot of mixed signals from the culture; we should be sexy and wild, but not sluts; we should never come on too strong, but don’t be an ice queen. Trying to navigate the strange apparatus of being a “Modern Woman” is complicated, not to mention downright scary. We all know someone who’s been bombarded with gross, terrifying messages on Tinder, or had some “nice guy” friend fly off the handle at them after he realized he wouldn’t get laid. When you finally make it to dinner and sit down across from a hot, sane, respectful guy, the stakes are pretty high because these creatures are as rare as steak tartare. This brings us to the joys of one night stands. We started this article talking about that ubiquitous piece of wisdom passed down from generation to generation. “If you sleep with him on the first date,” they say, “he won’t respect you and say goodbye to any #relationshipgoals you may have had.” There are guys out there who will lose respect for you, decide you’re a slut and treat you like a disposable person if you decide you’re feeling frisky after your night out. What does that say about them? The answer seems pretty clear to me, they’re not worth your time. Any healthy relationship is built on a strong foundation of respect, and true respect extends to your whole person, including your choice to do what you want with your body. How about this for a new piece of advice, it goes like this: never go on a second date with a guy who doesn’t respect your decisions.

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