How Do You Escape From a Bad First Date?

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Dating can be a tricky game. There are first impressions, unconscious expectations and dreams you hope to fulfill. You plan your outfit and you may even rehearse your conversation topics as you're getting ready. You have your hopes set high and you want this to be the first night of the rest of your life.

But what happens when you're sitting across the table and you realize this may the worst first date you have been on? Do you begin planning your immediate escape (perhaps through the bathroom window) or do you stick it out and avoid the following three day phone call?

How do you escape from a bad first date?

The Emergency Friend: You know this story. The date is on it's last wheel and you can't fathom listening to another story about his co-worker, Steve. Thankfully, you told your BFF to call you at 8:30 to check-in. As soon as you answer your phone you feign an emergency and explain to your date that you're so sorry, but you have to leave because "little Timmy broke his arm and you must go to the hospital".

The Escape Artist: You're bored. He has food in his teeth. He is so self-absorbed and isn't reading your signs, blatantly showing that this relationship has zero potential. You kindly excuse yourself to the ladies' room. You touch up your make-up and realize you cannot sit through 45 more minutes of this. Instead of returning to the table, you walk straight out the front door.

The Miss Congeniality: Sure, this date isn't the best you have been one. In fact, it's quickly climbing the list to be the worst. But this guy is nice and he's trying to impress you. Instead of crushing his heart and leaving him blindsided, you play a different card. You try to be his friend. You make him laugh. You decide to forget that you're on a date and have fun anyway.

The Laidback Lady: You've already made up your mind that you aren't going to see this guy again. He took you to see The Ring after you told him you hate scary movies. And he has bad breath. But he asked you out and so you'll be a lady and make it through the night. You are polite and sincere, but don't lead him on. At the end of the evening you give him a hug, say "thank you" and hope on all your gorgeous shoes that he doesn't call.

Of course there are countless options for escaping from a bad date, but don't forget that you know yourself best. Let your personality play a role in it. Each person has their own style for ending a bad first date. Some of us will be abrupt and harsh. Others will sugarcoat it with sprinkles. And others like to pretend that nothing happened. No matter how you choose to end a bad first date, remember that it wasn't a total waste. You learned more about yourself, what you want in a partner, and now you have the perfectly embarrassing story to share at your next dinner party.

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