How do I go about getting women to date me?

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How do I go about getting women to date me?

This question is asked a lot by men. It appears to be a universal problem for the uninitiated. What I mean is those that have little to no practice, training, or mentorship at dating or picking up women. I have good news for those of you that are lacking in this skill. No one starts out knowing just how to do it. It is a learned process that is practiced and developed. This means that you can not only learn this skill, but you can also practice it and become a master of it. Advice for dating begins here. To get women to date you there are several habits you that you need to develop as well as bits of advice. The first habit is that you need to practice talking to women in general. Go out say hi to every woman you see and introduce yourself to them. Make sure that you smile at them when you do this. This one exercise helps to alleviate shyness and awkwardness when approaching women. Meanwhile you need to develop your self-confidence and self-esteem. Your next habit that you need to establish, if you have not already, is good hygiene, and proper dress attire for meeting and dating women. Before you go to pick up women or on a first date be sure to; shower, use deodorant, a little bit of cologne, 2 to 3 sprays should do it, clean and fresh clothes, the kind men wear, a pair of slacks, a nice button up shirt, or polo shirt, and a nice pair of loafers, etc. Do not wear the same clothes that teenagers wear such as NBA or any professional sports jersey or name brand clothes such as South Pole or Metal Mulisha. You will just come across as a big kid instead of a man, in other words pretentious. The last habit that you need to develop is your communication and conversation skills. You need to gain some interesting stories and some funny jokes. It is even better when you can combine the interesting stories and funny jokes. Do not be afraid to use slight sarcasm and treat the women you are interested in like they are your little sister. Over 90% of communication has nothing to do with what you actually say. It is mostly body language, voice tonality, gestures, vocal speed, etc. Also, studies have shown that women prefer a deeper voice compared to a high soft or nasally voice, think James Earl Jones and you'll be on the right path. Psychologically, there are a lot of tips that can be used such as; match her talking speed, mirror her moves, subtly, make eye contact, use some friendly sarcasm or banter, and make sure that you smile as well, like the Cheshire cat.This advice is sure to help in getting women to date you. One lase piece of advice. Do not use pic-up lines. They do not work and they come across as cheesy and ignorant. The closest you get to a pick-up line, is saying high confidently, with a slight smile and looking her in the eyes. If you follow this guide faithfully, you will not fail.How do I go about getting women to date me? will no longer be a problem for you. Also, the quality of women you date will go up. Advice for dating will, hopefully be used successfully by you.

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