finding the one is hard and why do they never seem to come around?

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Why is it that finding the one is so hard and why do they never seem to come around? Finding the one is hard; it is rarely easy for everyone. Well, fear not, readers! This is something that a lot of people ask. Here are things to remember that may help you out:

First, be patient. I know, it's hard when you have been alone for so long. Love and the person that you are meant to be with will happen for you if you are patient. Secondly, be honest with the people that you are talking to. Especially if you are really into them. I know that we all have been in the position where we want to say to that person we like that we are into all the things they are into. It's hard to say that we don't like the same things that they do, but that's okay. Be honest with them and you will be surprised how much happier you could be if you two go on a date.

Thirdly dating is not all about the sex. There is nothing wrong with being active with your significant other. Let's face it that a lot of us think that a relationship is about the sex. Don't rush into it. If you are new in a relationship with someone don't be in a hurry to get to the sex. Take time and get to know one another and see where things go from there, but always remember to be safe.Being patient is hard on all of us, but if we are patient things will happen. Now, not getting out there is not going to make it go faster either. We do need to get out and talk with people to be able to find that person, but do not rush into romance. It is great to flirt, but be sure that you are not leading someone on in the process of your flirting. You do not want to hurt someone in the process.

I know that sometimes it seems easier to not be honest, but it is always better to be honest. When you are getting into a relationship you do not want them getting the wrong idea about you or the things that you like or don't. So, it is always important to be honest with them. If they do something you don't like be honest and tell them that you don't. Life is to short to lie about who you are.

Dating is not all about the sex you have with you significant other, but there is also nothing wrong with it either. When you start a new relationship do not rush into sex. Take your time and get to know one another before hand. Do not push yourself to be someone that you are not. So, if you have never had sex and are afraid that is what your partner will want; talk to them about it. The only way that they will know is if you talk with them about it.

Take your time in forming relationships with other people and don't worry if finding the one is hard. It is like that for everyone. Keep your head up and remember to be honest, patient and don't rush the sex. You will find the one when you least expect it.

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