Does knowing how to be mysterious really make a difference in attracting a man?

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Have you ever met a guy who knew exactly how to be mysterious and fell for him right away? The truth is, people are a very curious bunch. Any time you can be a puzzle to a guy, he can’t help but be sucked into your vortex.

Also, consider what normally happens in a dating situation: you both sit down riddled with nervous energy and end up spilling your entire life’s story including all of the really dumb, and pathetic parts in the first hour. Now you’re left with a lifetime of nothing to talk about. Don’t ever give away your whole life’s story! The biggest part of how to be mysterious is to give him just enough information so that he will crave to know more. How long did it take you to live your life up to this point? Can you really condense the entire history of your life over coffee?

Be Descriptive

The more you can talk about the fascinating aspects of interesting subjects, the less you give away about yourself. What you do when you’re completely descriptive about things is show that you are smart, creative, and really able to enjoy everything about your life. Isn’t that an amazing goal?

What if you went on a date with a guy who travels and all he says is, “I went here and then I went there.” Yawn! What if instead he gets really in depth on how he felt connected with the people of that country when he helped a little boy carry his lamb to market. Adorable, right? Which of these guys is most likely to get a second date? Which one understands how to be mysterious?

The same applies to you. People who are 100% present in every situation see much more stuff and are much more interesting to talk to. From now on, really take in the experiences surrounding you. Feel the feels, smell the smells, hear the sounds. Feel the emotions!

Don’t give away your whole story

What always sucks about big Hollywood movies? They explain every possible thing to you. Sometimes that’s fine, but the films that tend to win awards are the ones that leave you thinking. They leave you so intrigued that you simply have to see the film again and you just have to own it on DVD.

Be vague when you talk. Make statements so unexplainable that he has to ask you questions. Start talking to people like they’ve known you all your life. Stop going into elaborate back stories to explain how you ended up stranded in the desert. When you start a story with, “We we’re running out of water…” he will have no choice but to ask how you got there in the first place. By not giving the back story that explains it, they are instantly gaining rapport by subtly stating, “You’ve know me so well that you already understand how these things happen to me.”

Never answer a direct question

Elusive people are maddening. They always know how to be mysterious. They give you that feeling that nothing is ever what it seems. They are also really fun to hang out with. Let’s say a guy asks you how old you are and you answer with a simple “25.” What have you accomplished there? Nothing. You may have even jeopardized getting to another date because that might somehow be too old or too young for him.

What if instead you tell him playfully in an aristocratic tone, “My word… a gentleman would never ask that of a lady!” Or what if you answered with, “Old enough to know better.”

The more playful you can keep your interaction with a man, the more he will crave your free-spiritedness. The more he’ll wonder about you. Trust me girls, this is exactly the way you want him spending his free time.

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