Do You Know the Most Effective Ways to Attract a Woman?

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The mating game is a very important ritual for any young man starting out. Learning how to attract a woman into your life is not always easy, at least, not at first. The love game is well known for its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations, but if you follow these 5 tips on how to attract and keep hold of the woman of your dreams, you'll soon be surprised at how easy it all becomes.

1. Be Impressive:

As you have no doubt already heard, first impressions count. Get into the habit of looking good, even when you're not thinking about how to get the attention of a woman. Dress well, smell good, and try to exude an air of elegance and confidence. Either that, or go for the "dangerous" look. Don't go so far as to frighten her off by being too dangerous; that's no way to get the girl of your dreams, but a little danger can be an attractive thing, if nurtured properly.

2. Be Unique.

Give her a reason to remember you by. This is always an effective strategy in attracting a woman and getting her attention. It could be an unusual piece of (tasteful) clothing, an unusual piece of jewelry, or maybe just you being somehow different from the rest. But again, don't frighten her off; there’s different, and then there’s way, way too different.

3. Be Attentive:

Give her your full and undivided attention at all times. Don't smother her in a claustrophobic fog of devotion - that certainly won't help your cause. A better plan is to pay attention to the things she likes. Don’t talk about the things you like - let her be the center of attention. Everyone loves attention, and she'll be no exception. Understand this and you'll know more than most men about how to get the girl.

4. Be Honest:

Be honest. Be sincere. Those two attributes will hold you in good stead for a long time. Never break a promise, unless there's a really good reason for doing so, and I mean really good! And sincerity, properly mastered, is the one trait that all women adore, probably above all other traits, so be sure to remember that.

5. Be Mysterious:

Try to create an air of quiet mystery about yourself. Don't tell her everything all at once. Keep things back, but don't give her cause to worry that perhaps the FBI are out looking for you! You’re trying to encourage the girl to like you and want to know more about you. You don't want to scare her off.

It’s said that for everyone there is the perfect partner. It’s just a matter of finding the right one. There’s really no mystery - any man can do it if he goes about it the right way. Learning how to attract a woman comes naturally to most men, but some of us need that extra shove in the right direction. There’s no time like the present, so go for it!

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