Can I die from heartbreak?

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My boyfriend cheated on me once, too. I knew that was it. My ticket was punched and it was the end of the road. Is this what dying feels like? Is this what it's going to physically feel like everyday from now until forever? Can I die from heartbreak?

No, you're not going to die. Yes, he will always look good in baseball pants. And no, she WAS NOT prettier than you.

Sometimes, when you're young, you're in love with the idea of love. And as you grow and mature, that love will bend, and it may break. You're 16. There is a million other boys out there who will "love" you for you. So why are you crying alone in a bathtub feeling like the world is ending? Because it mattered. That's why.

Just because something is important to you, doesn't mean it makes you who you are. Yes, he will move on, and quickly at that. Yes, it will hurt. And yes, you will most likely compare every man, from your next boyfriend all the way to your husband, to him. But that doesn't mean he was ever any better. Remember. You're 16, carefree, with the world at your fingertips. This will be your most memorable relationship because you are just starting to become a woman. You can make your own decisions, you can have your own fun, and you can create this imaginary life of love, marriage, and kids, all you want. There are no limits. You haven't been burned by the real world yet.

As for her? No. She can't offer anything more than you can. She wasn't prettier. She wasn't smarter. And she wasn't funnier. She was AVAILABLE. The 16 year old male mind works like this..... "FEMALE." And that's all. Why does a dog choose the ball over the rope? Not because the ball is going places (haha. get it?), but because the rope became familiar, and the ball became temptation. Don't ever doubt yourself because of his choices. And NEVER hold his actions against yourself. You deserve to move on. You deserve to be as confident as you were BEFORE he cheated.

So, in conclusion, a man's actions do not define you. They do not make you any less of a woman. You may forever be his "ex" but you will not be his victim. Move on. Live your life. Continue being you and never EVER settle. No one will compare to your first true love, because that type of hurt doesn't exist twice. But the good thing... is that love does. It gets better, it gets stronger, it becomes more real. One day, 10 years from now, you'll look back and always wonder, "what if", but I hope you also look around and realize, "this is why." You're going places, with or without him. He taught you everything you ever needed to know about love, so don't hate him, but thank him. If he never made that mistake, you wouldn't be where you are today.

Oh, and if he messages you in 3 years, don't reply. It's just another heartbreak wasted on a person who will never change. And to answer your question; no, you aren’t going to die from heartbreak. Not at 16 anyway.

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