"What are the types of people to avoid when looking for a relationship?"

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A large part of dating is knowing the right kind of person to stay away from. If you doubt that, look at how high the current divorce rate is. Listen to all of the men and women you know that talk constantly about how let down they are with meeting the wrong types of people. Most everyone has struggles like this at some point. What follows are just some examples of what types of people to avoid when looking for a relationship.

One is someone who thinks everything that goes wrong in their life is not their fault, but is someone else's fault. This is someone who looks to blame anyone but themselves for their current situation. I would not have this temper if my parents paid more attention to me, I would have gotten that promotion if my boss was more understanding, I would be happier if my ex took my feelings more seriously. The problem here? If you date someone like this, they will decide that everything will be your fault. I am not suggesting that people from time to time deal with unfair situations, but if you notice a pattern of that person blaming everyone for their situation in life but themselves, then most likely they will eventually blame you for things you are not responsible for. It is pretty tough to get along with someone who will not own their own mistakes.

Another example of a person to avoid is someone who thinks they are special. Examples of this are people that say, "I am a Queen, I am a Princess, I am a Player" etc. Often, people like this look for other kind and generous people to take advantage of their kindness. What happens often in these situations is that these types of people will push, push, push, push, and then you finally get sick of their shit. Then when you finally say no to them, they are shocked and offended that you do not want to do what they ask. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. You should find someone who views your kindness as a strength, not a weakness for them to exploit.

Another type of person to avoid is someone who is bad with money. I am not talking about people dealing with medical debt or student loan debt. I am not even talking about someone who has a low paying job. I am talking about someone who would rather spend money eating out every night than making sure that the electricity to their home does not get turned off. I am talking about someone who spends a ridiculous amount of money on toys, cell phones, shoes, going to clubs, etc. and is constantly stressed that they will not be able to make their car payment. The danger in dating someone like this is that their money problems will eventually become your money problems.

Of course, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes some times. However, if you see these characteristics in people you are interested in, this may be a good sign that they are people to avoid when it comes to a serious relationship.

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