What are the blind date rules for women?

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We've all been there. That moment a friend of a friend looks at you with a wicked gleam in their eye and says, " You know, I know someone who is just perfect for you!"

You freeze and glance at your friend, but horror of horrors, she is smiling as well and nodding her head. Common sense says back away from the table and run like mad, but social etiquette makes us sit there, gulping and timidly asking, "Oh, really?"

It's over. You've gone down without a fight and are now headed for the dreaded "blind date".

Now in today's communicative world a blind date isn't as bad as it used to be. You can exchange emails before you meet or stalk his Facebook page, closely examining his photos and his ratio of male to female friends. So you are somewhat prepared. But to be better prepared, here are some blind date rules.

First rule of a blind date, never be the first to arrive. No woman wants to sit there at the table by herself looking at her cell phone or the door. So unless the guy has already previously stated that he likes to arrive early, aim to arrive five minutes late.

Second rule of a blind date is to remember he is probably as nervous as you are. So don't laugh like a hyena or constantly flip your hair over your shoulder, you'll just look spastic.

Third rule of a blind date is to not expect too much. Johnny Depp or Hugh Jackman is not going to be waiting for you with a ring in his hand. Enjoy yourself and the other person. Women always have these high expectations and then are upset when they are not met. So the guy's not as tall as you would like, but his voice is deep and smooth. He doesn't have Thor's mighty pectorals, but he's actually listening to what you have to say.

Fourth rule of a blind date, do not talk too much or too little. This is a difficult rule because it is hard to gauge how much one is or isn't talking. If the guys eyes have glazed over and his mouth is slightly open, you are probably talking to much. If 20 minutes have gone by without you saying a word besides "Yes" or "No", you are probably not talking enough. You are both interesting people and are bound to have something in common. If you are absolutely blank on what to talk about, remember the mutual friend who set you up. Just remember to be kind, they did this with good intentions. Maybe.

Hopefully, these blind date rules can help make your blind date pain-free and even if it's not love at first sight, you could walk away with a new friend. A new friend who has other male friends who are single. And who would be a perfect match for your two friends who set up your blind date.

Either way you have spent the evening with another human being and successfully survived a blind date.

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