How do you know if a guy likes you on the first date?

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As much as I hate to say this, guys are typically easy to read when it comes to women. If they like you there’ll be obvious signs. Unlike women who may sometimes send mixed signals on the first date when trying not to crush your ego, most men are more simple. If they like you you’ll know. One obvious sign to look for is eye contact. If a man is really attracted to you he’ll take every opportunity to look at you throughout the night, usually staring directly into your eyes when you speak. A man who’s not interested will typically avoid too much eye contact as not to lead you on, they would also be too busy thinking about other things like what else they could be doing right now so looking at you would not be a priority of theirs. Another way to tell is if they ask you a lot of open ended questions. This is particularly significant because it means not only are they attracted to you physically but they enjoy your conversation. Likewise, they would also be sharing an abundance of information with you. I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in sharing my life story with someone I never plan to see again.

Compliments, compliments, compliments. A man who is truly captivated by a woman will not hesitate to compliment her, whether it be on her smile, her attire, or her intelligence. Now I’m not talking about the initial, “Hi, you look nice” that just dating 101, but if a man takes the opportunity to compliment you throughout the night, breathe easy, he’s definitely into you! Still not sure? Here’s a few more signs. We live in a very technologically dependent world so everyone pulls out there Iphone, Blackberry etc. at least once on a date. However, on the first date a guy should never be glued to his phone no matter what he says he’s taking care of. If he really likes you all of that can wait until the date is over. All of his attention should be on you.

So it’s the end of the dinner and you’re not ready for the date to be over, but is he? If a man seems like he’s in a rush to get you home after the date that could be a red flag that either he didn’t enjoy himself or he’s going to turn into a werewolf at midnight, the former being more plausible. A man who has enjoyed himself with you will not be ready to end the date so abruptly, whether that means suggesting a stroll at the park or simply wanting to sit in the car in front of your house and talk a little more. So be weary of the guy who says “it was nice hanging out with you” and speeds off before you even get in your door.

So that does it, though there are other signs to look for that may signal if a man is interested in you on the first date, the few I’ve listed are pretty concrete. So remember, if he compliments you, looks you in your eyes, and tries to prolong the end of the date, don’t worry he definitely likes you!

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